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Emerging Countries Pushing Semiconductor Demand

Mar 02, 2009

Optoelectronics semiconductors have wide applications in various products ranging from jet visors to data and audio communications devices. Most renowned applications include use of optoelectronics in plasma screens, optical storage devices (such as CDs and DVDs), laser printers, scanners and digital cameras. With rapidly surging demand for such products, the sales of optoelectronics semiconductors have escalated significantly over the past f

According to our new research report, “Semiconductor Industry Forecast to 2012”, the global market for optoelectronics semiconductors was estimated to reach between US$ 17.5 Billion and US$ 18 Billion in 2008, an increase of around 13%-15% over the previous year. This strong growth in sales of optoelectronics semiconductors is attributed to the growing demand for plasma TVs, CDs and DVDs, and digital cameras in the emerging markets of Asia.

As the demand for optoelectronics semiconductor devices continue to fall in countries like the US, the UK and Japan, manufacturers have started eyeing on the emerging markets such as China and India. These countries represent enormous growth prospects for optoelectronics semiconductor industry with potentially high demand for such products, says a Senior Research Analyst at RNCOS.      

In wake of growing demand for optoelectronics semiconductor devices, we project that the global optoelectronics semiconductors market will grow at a CAGR of 9.6% during 2009-2012. Besides, the report also covers other semiconductor segments such as integrated circuit (IC), sensors and discrete semiconductors which are anticipated to grow at a CAGR of more than 8%, 7% and 5% respectively during the forecast period.

Semiconductor Industry Forecast to 2012”, provides exhaustive information comprising qualitative research and in-depth analysis on the global semiconductor market. It also gives insight into the current semiconductor market scenario across the world. The report provides clients an overview on the future outlook of semiconductor market at global as well as country level. Various countries covered in the research include: the US, the UK, Germany, France, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, India, Singapore and Russia.

The research report also offers thorough information on various potential applications of semiconductors across the world, including computers, mobile phones, WiMAX terminals, GPS chipsets, etc.


Chinese Government Stimulating its Consumer Electronics Industry

Dec 29, 2008

The ongoing economic turmoil across the US and Europe has had a severe impact on China’s export-oriented economy, which has seen several layoffs and shutting down of many factories in recent months. The consumer electronics (CE) industry is also one of the victims. Industry estimates suggest that the retail sales of consumer electronics in China will grow by merely 8%-10% in 2008, half of the growth reported in 2007. The outlook for 2009 remains uncertain.

Considering the impact of global crisis on the Chinese economy, the government rolled out a program called “Delivering Appliances to the Countryside" in December to boost its domestic CE industry. The program offers a 13% subsidy to farmers who spend their savings on refrigerators, washing machines, color televisions and cell phones. China has set huge goals and expects rural families to buy 480 Million appliances over the four-year life of the appliance program, beginning December 1, 2008.

“This move will possibly urge millions of rural residents to buy electronic appliances in coming few months, stimulating consumption and keeping the factories of CE manufacturers humming”, says an analyst at RNCOS. Also, this can also be considered as a strategic move as there remains potentially high demand for CE products in rural china when compared to the urban counterparts, added the analyst stating the figures from China national bureau of statistics.

According to the bureau, for every 100 rural households in China in 2007, there were 94 color TV sets, 26 refrigerators and 46 washing machines. This compares with 138 color TV sets, 95 refrigerators and 97 washing machines for every 100 urban households.

In line with this, “Chinese Consumer Electronics Market till 2011”, a RNCOS research, offers rational assessment of the consumer electronics market in China. The report evaluates the factors vital to the development and success of the industry. It looks into the current market scenario to present a future outlook of the market.

For the purpose of this report, the consumer electronics market has been divided into various segments, like Home Appliances, Sound & Images, Mobile Phones, and Personal Computers.


More Background Information On was an online platform that operated from 2002 to 2009, focusing on providing market research reports and studies for the IT sector. The site aimed to deliver high-quality research services to business professionals, organizations, and individuals, helping them maximize success with current industry information. It covered various industries, technologies, economic and non-economic market parameters, potential markets, and key competitors in the industry, offering forecasts on market trends to assist clients in identifying prospective growth areas and gaining a competitive edge.

The team behind consisted of experienced market analysts, content developers, and specialist writers with expertise in different industries and sectors. Their research analysts gathered, identified, and analyzed reliable information and data to give insight into the market. Meanwhile, the content researchers and developers were responsible for the development and promotion of research work, with a dedicated team of content writers producing press releases, blogs, research-based articles, and analyzing research reports.

One of the site's highlighted reports from 2009 discussed the semiconductor industry, particularly focusing on the demand driven by emerging countries for optoelectronics semiconductors. This demand was attributed to the growing popularity of products like plasma TVs, CDs and DVDs, and digital cameras, particularly in Asian markets. The report forecasted a robust growth rate for the optoelectronics semiconductors market.

Another report from 2008 focused on the Chinese government's efforts to stimulate its consumer electronics industry amidst global economic turmoil. The government launched a program offering subsidies to rural residents purchasing electronic appliances, aiming to boost domestic consumption and mitigate the economic slowdown's impact on the industry.

After its operation period, the essence of's content remains accessible through archived pages, providing a glimpse into its offerings and the type of research services it provided to its viewers.


The popularity of during its active years, from 2002 to 2009, can be inferred from its focus on delivering high-quality research services and market analysis within the IT sector. Although direct metrics such as visitor counts, page views, or rankings were not provided in the content reviewed, the website's specialization in market research reports and studies indicates it was a valuable resource for professionals, organizations, and individuals looking for in-depth insights into the IT industry, technologies, and market trends.

Given the website's content and the era in which it operated, likely catered to a niche audience interested in the IT sector's economic and non-economic parameters, potential markets, and industry competitors. The detailed reports on semiconductor demand influenced by emerging countries and efforts by the Chinese government to stimulate its consumer electronics industry suggest the site offered valuable information that could attract readership from industry analysts, investors, and professionals seeking to make informed decisions based on market trends.

History operated from 2002 to 2009 as a platform for market research reports and studies focused on the IT sector. It aimed to deliver high-quality research services to business professionals, organizations, and individuals, offering first-hand information and analysis on various industries, technologies, and market trends. The website's content, developed by a team of market analysts, content developers, and writers, covered economic and non-economic market parameters, potential markets, key competitors, and provided forecasts to help clients identify growth areas and competitive edges.